Use the name under the brag you chose when ordering your shirt or other apparel. You will see a drop-down menu with each item at the time of ordering.

Obedience Agility

Agility 1 / Black & White

Agility 2/  Black or Black & White

Obedience / Black & White

Lure Coursing
Herding Earth Dog

Herding / Black & White

Lure Coursing / Black & White

Earth Dog

Best of Breed
Fly Ball

Fly Ball

BOB Ribbon



Ducks / Black & White

Pheasant Black

Pheasant / Black & White


Barn Hunt / Black & White


Paws Outline / White

Paws / Black & White

Paws Black

All artwork is printed in black unless otherwise specified below the art. If the artwork is shown in white the artwork will only come in white. Paws come in four colors, black, white, black & White, and Black outline with white fill. The paw choices are listed in the Brag Art drop-down menu with each item.