Too Chic Wearable Dog Art


High quality t-shirts, sweatshirts, and other apparel adorned with original works of art.

Pick a breed, pick a style and you have a beautifully designed fashion statement.


Pick from over 115 dog breeds, cats, horses, and brag art. Wear your paws on your sleeve, brag about your accomplishments without ever saying a word. Create wearable art as unique as your are.

Too Chic Custom Artwork


Let us design artwork for your next event.

Dog shows, breed specialties, a family

get-together. Wear your event with style.


From 5 to 5000 items we can design it, print it, and press it to the shirt or clothing item of your choosing.

What are you waiting for? The chase is on with our NEW FAST CAT ART!

Too Chic

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Fridley, MN 55432